Northern lights

Northern Norwegian nature at its finest

Experience the Northern Lights

If you want to experience the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky then Tromso is the best place on earth to fulfil your dream. This enchanting city in Arctic Norway makes it easy to see this spectacular natural phenomenon and create life-long memories.
The mystical multi-coloured lights originate from collisions between electrically charged solar particles that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The area that offers the best chances of seeing the lights is called the Northern Lights Oval, and Tromso is smack bang in the middle of this.

The oval has different locations during the night and day, and its latitude varies depending on the strength of the solar activity. In the evening hours, this oval is right above Tromso so, even if the solar activity is weak, Tromso is the place to be.

As well as solar activity, it needs to be dark and the sky must be clear. Tromso is so far north of the Arctic Circle that it’s dark enough from early September until early April. In fact, from Mid-November to mid-January, the sun does not rise at all so the sky is dark and perfect for spotting the Northern Nights.
If the sky is clear, you can often see the Northern Lights right above the city. The Tromso region has varying nature, from mountains to fjords and inland plains to the open sea. If it’s overcast or snowing in one place, it’s seldom far to another place with much better conditions.

The alps, fjords and spectacular landscapes around Tromso combined with the magical Northern Lights create world-class photos. Owing to of the Gulf Stream, it’s far milder in Tromso than other destinations at the same latitude.

Good flight connections from Oslo and other European destinations make it easy to get here, while the attractions, facilities, cultural events and activities on offer in Tromso mean you will have plenty to do when you are not spotting the Northern Lights.
"When the polar night is filled with green rays of the Northern Lights, you are dragged towards a moment of infinity- it gives you a feeling of something bigger than yourself."

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