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The Arctic capital of Tromso is a city with modern restaurants and shops, surrounded by unspoiled wilderness.

Tromsø city has about 70 000 inhabitants, and is by far the largest city in Northern Norway. The city has its own university and brewery, and is surrounded by hundreds of islands, dramatic mountains and deep fjords. Although located so far north, Tromsø has a mild maritime climate: the city’s record low temperature is -18 Celcius, which is not that cold considering the latitude. This is an effect of the Gulf stream, which pass the Norwegian coast. Tromsø is named the gateway to the Arctic, and today an entrance to experiencing the Northern Lights, high quality adventures and with many restuarant and bars with greatvariations.

Lights hotspot

The Northern Lights reveals itself mostly north of the Arctic circle, and Tromso is located in the centre of the Aurora heartland. In fact, it has one of the worlds highest densities of the Northern Lights!

Nature-based activities form an important part of the Tromsø experience. In winter, this is one of Northern Norway’s Northern Lights hotspots. From gazing upon the dancing northern lights in our private lavvo to hiking under he midnight sun, there is something here for everyone.We promise to leave you with lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Discover Tromso

Too many people today lived detached from nature, stressed and rootless. They need to come to Tromso, eat our food, speak with us, challenge themselves in the Arctic wilderness.


A good night sleep is important for your holiday. See what Tromso has to offer, from international hotels to cabins.


Tromso has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest. All of them are within walking distance.


Whale watching, dog sledding, ice hotels and narrow fjords. The list is almost endless, making Tromso the ultimate activity destination.


Rental cars at the city center or at the airport, buses from the airport and good access to taxis.


Whether you are into bistros or fine dining restaurants, you will find it in Tromso.


Despite only having a population of 70,000, Tromso is considered to have one of Norways´s most vibrant nightlifes,


Shopping in Tromso is great fun: from classic Norwegian design to modern day art.

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